The Disappearance

2001, 4:3 video, 7:26, black and white, color, mono, English.

This video is a cinematic research taking the form of a location scouting for a film to be shot in Nuremberg. Location scouts are employed by film productions to find sites for the shooting of a film. They take photographs of a location and write commentaries on the suitability of that site for the given scene.

The movie itself is a fictional production that will not be filmed. It is a narrative about a detective investigating a disappearance. A video presentation of locations in the city is shown with an audio soundtrack describing the possible usage of the sites, as well as how they evoke the city's history.

This video is available in English, French German and Spanish.


Any Persons, Living or Dead

The Detective

Director, Scriptwriter
John Menick

Narrator(Spanish-Language Version)
Germán Jaramillo

Juan Recaman

Peter Lasch
Trebor Scholz

Location Photographers
Lombardi Clan

Thanks to
Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy
Peter Lasch
Eva Scharrer
Wolfgang Staehle