Subliminal Projection Company

It's said that the subliminal compact disc industry is a 40-million-dollar-a-year industry. It produces hundreds of titles containing relaxing music or ambient sounds encoded with, in the lingo of the industry, "inspirational" subliminal messages. The aim of the discs is self improvement; they are to be listened to while sleeping, working, jogging, etc., in order to improve mental and physical health effortlessly. The industry claims its discs help cure everything from a smoking habit to a lack of confidence to a speech impediment. How well these CDs actually work is unknown.

Subliminal Projection Company is a four-CD series of ambient sounds encoded with subliminal messages in the manner of this industry’s products. However, instead of the usual messages, I encoded each CD with my own memories. These memories relate to the sounds on each disc. For example, the Waves CD contains a memory related to a beach and the Rain disc contains a memory related to rain. These memories remain unpublished, and are not available for conscious consumption.

The sounds and album images were purchase through royalty-free stock image and audio banks – much in the same manner as many of the commercially available self-help CDs. In fact, the sounds can be found on other CDs and are often re-used by the industry.